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Welcome to the 7th Symposium on Chinese Archaeology and Cultural Research! This year, we are delighted to gather esteemed professionals, emerging scholars, and passionate enthusiasts in the field of archaeology to exchange ideas, present research findings, and explore the fascinating realm of ancient Chinese civilization.

As a vital platform for promoting dialogue, collaboration, and innovation, this symposium aims to strengthen our understanding of China's rich archaeological heritage and its enduring impact on both regional and global cultural landscapes. The event will feature a diverse range of presentations and discussions that delve into the latest discoveries, methodologies, and theoretical frameworks.

The program encompasses a wide array of topics, including prehistoric art and symbolism, cultural connections between ancient China and other civilizations, advances in archaeological science and technology, and the conservation and management of archaeological sites. We have also organized several special sessions to address emerging trends and challenges in Chinese archaeology.

In addition to the academic program, we have arranged field trips to nearby archaeological sites and cultural landmarks, allowing participants to experience firsthand the rich history and heritage of the region. These visits will not only offer valuable insights into the past but also foster a deeper appreciation for the diverse cultural contexts that have shaped China's development over millennia.

We are honored to have renowned experts from around the world join us for this event, and we look forward to a productive and engaging symposium that will inspire new ideas, collaborations, and advancements in the study of Chinese archaeology and cultural research. Let us embark on this exciting journey together, exploring the depths of China's past and forging new paths to illuminate its extraordinary legacy.

Contact us: @cacr2023

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